storage and Serving instructions

How to store and serve your cake and cupcakes!


Cakes  should be served at room temperature for optimal flavour.

To keep your order fresh, cakes are refrigerated until pick up.

Please keep this in mind when determining your pick up time.  

Depending on the size of your cake, once removed from the fridge, this may take up to 4 hours. 

All cakes are boxed and wrapped for protection from the elements.  

Fondant cakes may  condensate when removed from the refrigerator.

It is strongly recommended to keep the cake in the wrapped box for at least an hour. 

This will help reduce the amount of condensation.

The slower the fondant covered cake reaches room temperature, the less it should condensate.

If the wrap is removed too soon and condensation is present, leave the cake as is - it will eventually dry. ( Do not touch the fondant when wet, it will leave a mark. ) 

Drying time depends on the environment i.e. humidity.

For buttercream cakes – they are kept refrigerated until pick up.

This not only keeps the cake fresh, but also aids to minimize damage if the cake is accidentally touched.

Leftovers may either be frozen or refrigerated in a sealed container.

Remember to bring to room temperature prior to serving.

Cakes should be consumed within 3 days of pick up.


Cupcakes should be served at room temperature for optimal flavour of both the cake and the frosting.

Cupcakes are kept in the refrigerator until pick up.

Please keep this in mind when determining your pick up time.

Standard and or mini cupcakes can take up to an hour to reach room temperature once removed from the box.

Fondant cupcake toppers may condensate if removed from the box directly after removing cupcakes from the fridge.

To lessen the chance of this happening, it is recommended that, after removing the cupcakes from the fridge, leave them in the box for 30 minutes prior to removal. Just like a fondant cake, the longer it takes for the cupcake to reach room temp, the less likely the toppers will condensate.

In order to keep the frosting fresh, cupcakes must be kept refrigerated. 

It is best to consume within 48 hours of pick up.

Bring to room temperature prior to serving. 


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